If we had to list down Team Swastik, then that would not only be a cumbersome and long list to peruse through but how do you account for the fastest growing set of people this industry has seen? It is thanks to the endeavour of each and every one of us both within our offices, out on location, in our edit studios and even clients in their office that we are who we are. This is our team. Each and every one of them.
Meanwhile, lets start by introducing our core team.

Siddharth Kumar Tewary
Founder, Creative Director


The seed of Swastik came into existence when he wanted to create content that he believed in, as he follows his heart and not the crowd. This big hearted boss is the source of all the energy and creativity at Swastik. The art of creation is the driving force in his life. “You cannot last in this industry unless you are deeply passionate about it,” believes Siddharth. He is an adventure junkie, lives for thrills and skydiving is one of his most treasured memories.

His work mantra is simple: “Every process is unique and important, but it’s the end result that defines you.”

He aims to build Brand Swastik into a multi-media content creator.

Rahul Kumar Tewary


He is the very mind of the Swastik body! Numbers are what define him and what he lives by. He believes that life is all about choices. Fun is something you do to enjoy the moment completely, without any regrets! But it’s not all fun and games with this boy. “Scope of improvement” is his work mantra. Life itself is his biggest passion.

This go-getter loves to sing and is a firm believer that boots are made for walking!

A man of few words, he lets his work speak for itself…

Gayatri Gill


This Punjabi kuddi from Delhi is rightfully the voice of the company. There is no problem that she cannot find a solution for – kinda like a 5-pin adapter (as she likes to describe herself) – she just fits the bill!
One thing she is deeply passionate about is her relationship with her Sony Vaio. Though technologically handicapped, she has managed to keep this relationship last for over 4 years though not without damage.
Fun is what she works for and what you find in her work.

She is fearless, young, talented and the true guardian angel for all working in Swastik!

Ritesh Kaul
Head of Operations


When Jehangir saw Kashmir he said: If there is ever a heaven on earth, it’s here, it’s here, it’s here.

And if you ask about our very own Kashmiri boy’s passion, It’s Work, It’s Work, It’s WORK!

Fun-loving and easy going, he enjoys reading books for fun. He loves stimulating cinema like Inception that reach into the deep recesses of his brain.

A skydive from 14 years of aviation landed him into the world of media and Swastik.

He is a navigator in the truest sense who strives to be in sync with everyone and leading all towards success.