Shankar Jai Kishan 3-in-1


Now that both of Kishan’s brothers have expired, he decides to mask this reality from his mother, in fear of her already degrading health. Although Kishan shares extremely striking similarities with his dead brothers (looks-wise), a time comes where his mother, Savitri, wants all her sons to tie the wedding knot.

Kishan has several eyes suspecting him in the form of his neighbor, Bhokal Baba, and Dr.Twinkle’s father. He yet manages to juggle his way through the constantly surging doubts.

Will Kishan succeed in deceiving his mother for her welfare? Or will Savitri leave this world knowing she was being lied to about the death of her beloved children?


Kettan Singh

Shankar / Jai / Kishan

Asawari Joshi


Falaq Naaz

Dr. Twinkle Kapoor

Chitrashi Rawat

Simple Kapoor

Hemant Pandey


Nimai Bali

Shammi Kapoor

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