Deva Shree Ganesha

Presenting to you the first ever Marathi mythological show on the life of Lord Ganesha, Deva Shree Ganesha unveils the story of Ganpati Bappa in an emotionally capturing and entrancing TV series.

Unfolding the scene of his birth, marriage with Riddhi and Siddhi, and a series of supernatural myths, the audience is in for an entertaining and intriguing treat on the journey of the wise and knowledge elephant-headed Hindu God.


Besides beautifully depicting how Lord Shiva, Lord Brahma, and Lord Vishnu peacefully take refuge with their beloveds in their abodes, the story is primarily dedicated to the Hindu Goddess, Adi Parashakti, the wife of Lord Shiva.

The plot unfolds with several revelations that convince the world of her being as the epitome of the truth of this universe. Her immortal powers are associated with the formation, protection, and disintegration of this world.

Devi Adi Parashakti’s incarnation as Sati and her crucial role during either end of the Kalpa is sure to ignite a bunch of penetrative questions.


Ram Siya ke Luv-Kush

Apart from the mesmerizing incidents in the entangling saga of Lord Ram and Sita, this show focuses more on narrating the journey of these renowned Gods by the eyes of their own children, Luv and Kush.

Arriving home after 14 years of unrighteous exile, Lord Ram returns triumphant from Lanka and even though Lord Ram’s accession as the King of Ayodhya is complete, he fails to protect Sita from the rumors regarding her chastity. Sita leaves Ayodhya, gives birth to twins, and then these twins endlessly venture onto a lookout for their father.

Luv and Kush play a critical role in reuniting Lord Ram and Sita, while re-transforming the mentality of their societal community from male-dominance to equality.


Being the classic illustration of a combination of the feminine and muscular capabilities of Hindu Gods, this story puts the raw relationship of pure love between Radha and Lord Krishna in the limelight. Every nitty-gritty element in humanity’s perception of love is explained and enacted, to lift the curtains of its true essence.

Despite having to bear the materialistic distancing due to a 100-year curse on Radha, they sustain their love across different worlds in a metaphysical manner. The plot is untangled when the concept of sacrifice arises, yet the constant clashing of the bonds that Radha and Krishna share since time immemorial are slowly molding into material reality.

The eternal love story of Radha Krishn is complemented with the establishment of Vrindavan, amongst an array of ancient lands, along with the transformation of Lord Krishna into various glorious forms as a symbol of ego-suppression.


The jubilance of acquiring and moving into their new home is a dream come true for the Khanna family, but little did they know that the forces of evil gloom across the house. Amidst the short-lived happiness, they have no option but to protect one another and work in unison to free themselves of the chains of evil.

Niyati, the heroic personality, takes the stand to save her family from the torturous actions of the devil. Viewers are treated with a series of horror jump-scares, paranormal occurrences, and irrational incidents in the house, Jalsa.

Chandragupta Maurya

In 323 BC, post the demise of Alexander The Great and the lionhearted Porus, the story begins budding from Chandragupta’s days as a slave to when the conquering effect of Chanakya’s prudent philosophy guides the former to amass a sense of awareness and responsibility towards his lineage.

Chanakya and Chandragupta then go through the whirlwinds of war against Dhana Nanda to dethrone the ego-centric king and emerge victorious by forming the Mauryan Empire. Be it the death of all 7 brothers of Dhana Nanda or the noblemen such as Malayketu, Mura, and Sthoolbhadra, a hoard of key characters are killed in the war.

The sturdy confidence within Chandragupta, coupled with the wisdom of Chanakya, equipped the future Mauryan King to marry Durdhara, the daughter of the king of the soon-to-fall Nanda Dynasty.

Mahakali – Anth Hi Aarambh Hai

This intense saga of how Parvati Devi transforms into her most fearsome self, Mahakali, begins with her rebirth while being adopted from a basket floating amidst the calm seashores. The entire show revolves around Goddess Kali’s divine powers to safeguard the weaklings on earth.

Her cosmic capabilities are channeled to power through the force of evil and suppress wrongdoing that threatens the positivity of mankind. Mahadev and Sukarma are integral support pillars to revive the strength of Mahakali before the era of Kaal begins again.

The story also teaches viewers of a key interaction between Brahmaji and Mahishasura, once the latter completed his penance.


Watch Purshottam, a.k.a Porus, portray his perpetual appetite for his motherland while taking on the fearsome legend of the West, Alexander The Great. The entire journey of Alexander carving his way to India, acquiring Indian allies, and then losing them while Porus prepares his country for a do-or-die battle is followed by the ruthless Battle of Hydaspes in a northwestern state of the Indian subcontinent.

This intriguing tale sets back to 350 BC and narrates the stark irony of how Porus and Alexander were born on the same day but were fostered with contrasting mindsets. Diverse characters from Greece and Indian history are brought to life and eventually the story fuses into a trembling climax leading to superbly depicting the courageousness of Indian emperors.