Swastik Productions’ Siddharth Kumar Tewary at FICCI FRAMES 2024: Great time to create synergy across mediums

23 Apr, 2024

In a panel curated on day two of FICCI FRAMES 2024 titled Transmedia Storytelling: Blurring Boundaries Across Films and Books, Siddharth Kumar Tewary, Founder and Chief Creative Director of Swastik Productions, delved into the evolving landscape of transmedia storytelling.
Speaking at the panel, Siddharth Kumar Tewary, Founder and Chief Creative Director of Swastik Productions, said, “Deciding to tell the Mahabharat story isn’t a one-day affair; it’s a journey of over five years. I believe we should respect its timeless essence guiding our modern adaptation, as we embark on a profound exploration, embracing the evolving language and sources of our rich history. We, as storytellers, meticulously research for decades, spanning from academia to ancient texts, ensuring authenticity.

Speaking about the prospects that diverse medium offer, Tewary noted, “Every medium, whether it’s TV or OTT, offers unique opportunities to resonate with diverse audiences. There are a lot of great stories and it’s a great time to create a synergy across mediums where we create our own Bharatverse while staying true to our cultural ethos. Be it adapting from book to screen or harnessing technological advancements in web series, clarity and authenticity guide our every step.

Outlining the approach and philosophy that guides the adaptation process for storytelling, Tewary said, “Our guiding principle is to have clarity in the message, understand the characters playing crucial roles behind the story, and have a deep understanding of the narrative’s soul. In this age of evolving family dynamics, our goal is to inspire core Indian values in a contemporary, yet authentic manner.

“Each character’s role is pivotal, and each emotion is sacred. We delve into the depths of the text, owning its essence, and sculpting it for the screen. Through meticulous reading and interpretation, we breathe life into the pages, ensuring each adaptation resonates with the spirit of the epic,” Tewary added.

Source: https://mediabrief.com/siddharth-kumar-tewary-at-ficci-frames-2024/

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