Suryaputra Karn

Suryaputrn Karn, the most sought after archer in Indian history, is tasked with the burden of making a hoard of unbelievably difficult decisions throughout his life. Despite having his rights exploited for the most part, he shows resilience amidst the most stormy moments.

The entire life of Suryaputra, up until he succeeds as a feared and revered warrior, is beautifully narrated in this show. This legend took the risk of lying to his own teacher with a sole intention to master the art of archery. Although Karn paid for his mistakes, he was offered the throne by Duryodhana elsewhere.

A rarely spoken about secret regarding the most impactful seeds sowed before the Mahabharata war awaits your attention!

Raziya Sultan

After the demise of Sultan Iltutmish, Raziya Sultan was handed the honorary title of the first women ruler of Delhi. Despite having several sons, Sultan Iltutmish chose to bestow his belief in the nobility and versatile cogitation of his daughter.

This ancient chronicled drama unfolds in the 13th-century, by showcasing the struggles of transforming from a sheltered princess to a fearsome Sultan. Her role as a 13th century female leader, conundrums as a sultan, and her complicated romance-oriented entanglement with Malik Altunia are depicted with epic visuals and exemplary speeches throughout this TV series.

Karmphal Data Shani

An epic story of Emperor Porus, a valiant warrior who by his dexterity defends his motherland against Alexander The Great, the foremost and powerful ruler of the west.

The story traces the time when both the great personalities were born on the same day but in different worlds, Porus in India and Alexander in Macedonia.
One went on to became the greatest conqueror of the world and the other the greatest Defender of India.

The show has brought alive characters from History of ancient India and Greece. It showcases the valour, culture and emotions of the 2 worlds which are key to the narrative.


This TV series led to the resurgence of the heart-throbbing thrill that comes with the epic
historical tales of Mahabharata.
Be it the peace treaty between the Pandavas and Kauravas, the captivating Kurukshetra
War, or the magnificent build-up to the moment Lord Krishna crowns the new emperor of
Hastinapur, each element of this tale is written, directed, and produced with impeccable
accuracy, both in case of viewer emotions and character intellectuality.
You will be taken through the legendary adventure of the epitome of all wars, a dense
reservoir of intense fervor, and the depth of insecurities that the greed of power can
unleash. The diversity in each momentary climax will leave you approaching the Bhagavad
Gita out of inquisitiveness.

Baal Krishna

A series of adventures through Lord Krishna’s journey in childhood and adulthood, Baal Krishna lifts the lid from stories of Lord Krishna’s life to reveal the depth of his contribution to his hometown, Vrindavan.

There are numerous instances from Gokul, along with Vasudeva and Devaki, where Lord Krishna’s notoriety merges with his giving and soulful personality. Viewers are offered much more than a meager sneak peek into the prankster half of his being. His divine grace leaves traces of utter goodwill even during the “nurturing” period of his life.

Passionate believers of this fabled Hindu deity will connect with his teachings, actions, and philosophy of decision-making!

Ram Siya ke Luv-Kush

Apart from the mesmerizing incidents in the entangling saga of Lord Ram and Sita, this show focuses more on narrating the journey of these renowned Gods by the eyes of their own children, Luv and Kush.

Arriving home after 14 years of unrighteous exile, Lord Ram returns triumphant from Lanka and even though Lord Ram’s accession as the King of Ayodhya is complete, he fails to protect Sita from the rumors regarding her chastity. Sita leaves Ayodhya, gives birth to twins, and then these twins endlessly venture onto a lookout for their father.

Luv and Kush play a critical role in reuniting Lord Ram and Sita, while re-transforming the mentality of their societal community from male-dominance to equality.


Being the classic illustration of a combination of the feminine and muscular capabilities of Hindu Gods, this story puts the raw relationship of pure love between Radha and Lord Krishna in the limelight. Every nitty-gritty element in humanity’s perception of love is explained and enacted, to lift the curtains of its true essence.

Despite having to bear the materialistic distancing due to a 100-year curse on Radha, they sustain their love across different worlds in a metaphysical manner. The plot is untangled when the concept of sacrifice arises, yet the constant clashing of the bonds that Radha and Krishna share since time immemorial are slowly molding into material reality.

The eternal love story of Radha Krishn is complemented with the establishment of Vrindavan, amongst an array of ancient lands, along with the transformation of Lord Krishna into various glorious forms as a symbol of ego-suppression.

Dosti… Yaariyan… Manmarziyan

Radhika, a down-to-earth girl from the Yoga Capital of the World, Rishikesh, comes to Mumbai and becomes friends with Samaira, who is from a polar opposite background. Radhika wishes to weave her natural talent with words to become an esteemed writer, whereas Samaira wishes to lay her mark on society.

They land up working together at Bird Song, an advertising agency in Mumbai. Soon their individual love lives take a drastic U-turn as lightning strikes in the form of a new character, Arjun.

Each emotion throughout the spectrum of life is experienced; love, hatred, pride, depression, happiness, freedom, and even oneness. Notwithstanding their rugged times, they break down common-day barriers, temporarily compromise on love, and sustain their friendship for an uplifting end to the show.

Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo

The plot entirely revolves around the social troubles faced by children who are sold. Laali, a young child bride is given away to an ignoble landlord by convincing her that she’s going to meet her husband through the traditional Gauna ritual.

Pre-historic human treatment based on caste division, gender inequalities, devastating large-scale poverty, and other grief-stricken methods of managing Indian society is placed at the epitome of insightful portions of this show.

Watching the brutally unlawful and inhumane concern amongst society in rural India, you will sense a spark of dwelling into the specifics and imparting much-needed modern-day community management techniques into their lives. Once again Swastik Pictures creates an outstanding impression of how determination and willpower are key aspects of our centuries-old pillars of Indian culture.

Hindi Hai Hum

A small-town girl from Nahan, who goes by the name Bubbly, faces the downgrading atrocities of societal response to her lack of knowledge of the English language. Neutralizing this sole negative trait of her diverse knowledgeable attributes was a far-fetched thought amongst the people involved in her daily interactions. This was evident when her love, Rahul, decided against marrying her.

Being an enthusiastic and loving tourist guide that she was, she powered through the impact of not knowing English by entering Pereira English Academy. The philosophy of unity drives the flow of each character’s decision-making prowess in this youth-oriented show.

You will be rewarded with an exceptional visual portrayal of how the aura of unity breaks down all existing barriers in India linked to religious beliefs, community practices, ideologies, and even languages.